• 4 Steps to Help You Find an Online Business Mentor

    So you want to start an online business. This is a great news and I am sure an advocate when it comes to starting your own online business. There are many benefits to you especially for the women reading this […]

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  • 6 Ways to Make Money Online

    I n case you don’t know, the internet has revolutionised our business world and has now made it possible for anyone anywhere in the world to do business and earn money online as long as they have internet connection and […]

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  • Online Business Plan – Prepare Plan for Success

    Online business plans are designed to make it easier for an individual to create a professional business plan. In as much as you want it to have a professional look, it is also important for it to be simple. It […]

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standard What is Wealth-Building?

I have been thinking of how to approach this topic for weeks now, especially because I have a community of Christians around me to whom this topic makes them to feel unease. They shrink when you talk about money, left […]


Can I quickly say that you did not stumble here by accident? You are here because you have a dream. You are here because you are searching for answers to your dream. In my own quest to achieving my dream, […]

standard Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Critical thinkers Entrepreneurs need to be able to think critically regarding the business decisions. Most of the individuals do not frequently exercise their ability to think critically about essential issues. They usually prefer to avoid critical thinking because it requires […]

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standard 4 Ways To Find Inspiration in Everything

It’s very easy to lose track of ourselves while rushing through our day-to-day lives. Hopes, dreams and goals can go by the wayside as we bulldoze through our mundane tasks. But that burning desire to be inspired – be it […]

standard Activating Your Creative DNA

On the 11th of June 2014, I sat on the table thinking of the format of my website and the page titles. I suddenly had this impression to draw the plan on paper. I started to use this art application […]

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standard 10 Inspiration Quotes for Women

History has been kind enough to provide plenty of inspirational women in their stories. How in the face of adversities they had chosen to remain true to their identity and prove that they, as women, can. The stories of their […]

standard Famous Entrepreneurs’ Quotes

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. This is popular to young graduates who after completing school they want to start businesses of their own, most claiming they don’t want to be employed by someone. Everyone gets tired of taking orders […]

standard Quotes on Success and Failure

Life is made up of success and failure. You either succeeded in getting a new job or failed at preparing a good meal. There is no single day that passes without mentioning these two words. Everyone has their role model […]

standard Famous Motivational Quotes

Motivation is important because it allows one to meet or even exceed his or her own goals. Without motivation, one will be in a very precarious position that does not hold room for progress. If we can know why and […]

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