standard 3 Books That Changed My Life – Top Self Development Books

Are you looking for a way to improve yourself? Do you want to find a balance of life where you are content and successful? Then, the best place to get inspiration and practical advice is nowhere else but books written by other successful people.
This video titled “3 Books That Changed My Life – Top Self Development Books” is the source of just that. Within the video, the CEO of Brian Tracy International, Brian Tracy, talks to the viewers about his top 3 self-improvement reads. His own expertise in self-improvement as a practical field with corporate bodies grant this video a second and third look as well as a read of the recommended books.

In the video, Tracy first speaks about the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. He goes into a short story of how Napoleon Hill met with one of the most successful Americans in history, Andrew Carnegie, and how his studying of the characteristics of successful people eventually came down to a 250 page book. He then goes on to talk about one of his best-selling books titled “Maximum Achievement.” In the book, Tracy expounds on his lifelong research on how success works in the 21st century. The book is written to change the mindset of an individual seeking success, to teach how to set goals and achieve them, to develop healthy and fruitful relationships and how all these factors converge into one big success story.

Lastly, he talks about a book by Norman Vincent Peale called “The Power of Positive Thinking.” Here, Tracy comments on the utilitarian role of the book in how it contributes to the positive experience in the self-improvement journey to success. Peale being a trailblazer in studies and writing of literature regarding the psychology of success outlines the power of appreciation in an individual’s life. Tracy wraps up the conversation by highlighting the importance of these powerful books that are essential to the recipe of self-improvement.

As a young person who went through some trying moments in my young life back in the early 90’s, “the power of positive thinking” was my bible. This book helped me to develop and have the right mindset during those trying periods in my life. “Think and Grow Rich” changed my life. It was after reading this book that I became aware of who I am and the power that has been deposited inside of me when I was conceived in my mother’s womb. I came to realised that only I have the power to make changes to my life and so did I began my transformational journey. These books will change your life. I will definitely recommend you buy and read them if you have not done so.

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Rita Effeyota

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