standard 4 Ways To Find Inspiration in Everything

It’s very easy to lose track of ourselves while rushing through our day-to-day lives. Hopes, dreams and goals can go by the wayside as we bulldoze through our mundane tasks. But that burning desire to be inspired – be it creatively, spiritually or just generically – is all to frequently dismissed as being too difficult. Yet inspiration is everywhere! So how does one become inspired? It’s much easier than you would think. In fact, there are two easy steps that anyone can take to find inspiration in everything.

1. Don’t get caught up in yourself.

You’ve had a busy day at work. Dinner has to be made, the house cleaned, the dog walked, and all the small details of a busy life require attention. This is exactly the moment when you need to take a mental snap-shot of your mind and realize that our thoughts govern our reality. Ask yourself, what are you thinking about? You will likely find that your thought process is completely preoccupied with small details, cycling in a closed loop. It’s the awareness of this that is the key to unlocking inspiration. So break the loop; shift your tasks to your subconscious mind, let go of yourself, and allow your mind to become a blank slate. This in turn will allow you to soak up new thoughts and ideas, realizing that the word is amazing.

2. Be appreciative of the things around you.

The very essence of nature is struggle, balance and harmony. Look at your house plants and ask yourself how their leaves into the direction of the sunlight. Watch your children interact and puzzle at how they learned to communicate. Gaze up at the stars and ponder the immense age of the universe. Once you learn to see the wonder all around you you’ll begin to realize that our world is truly an amazing place. That is the source of inspiration: witnessing the struggle to overcome obstacles at all odds and the harmonious equilibrium that results’

3. Be aware of your environment.

I have realised in my own life that everything around us can speak and inspire us. Most of my inspirations have come from being aware of what is happening around me. I have this habit of asking this question What is the lesson to be learnt from that situation or that person or that display exhibited by that animal. I have been inspired from watching animals, I have been inspired in the midst of a noisy crowd all because I tune into my inner consciousness to become aware of whatever the almighty wants to say to me at any time and any place and with anything.

4. Ask to be Inspired and Expect It.

For you to find inspiration in everything, you have to learn to ask for it and expect it. I believe Inspiration comes from God who made us in his image. Inspiration is a way for the divine being to interact with you and show you what others don’t see and can not imagine.  I have often done this. Anytime I feel worried or empty I always ask for Inspiration and I do always get it before the end of the day.

Try these 4 Tips yourself and see where they lead you. If you let go of your mundane thought process, break the closed loop and learn to wonder at the world around you, you’ll begin to be truly inspired before you know it.

Written By

Rita Effeyota

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