Can I quickly say that you did not stumble here by accident? You are here because you have a dream. You are here because you are searching for answers to your dream. In my own quest to achieving my dream, I came across great sites with information that helped to shape my focus and understanding of my own dreams. I have read many great books. The desires of my heart pulled me towards information that I needed to help direct me to whatever I needed to get. When you carry a strong desire in your heart, the law of attraction will be activated to pull you towards fulfilling that desire. Hence, I am saying you did not stumble to this article by accident. I will be right to say that you have a dream and your heart desire is to achieve your dream. If this is the case, can I ask you a question?

What Is Your Dream ?

Um-hmm! here we go, the moment of truth! Please before you answer this question, do sit back, relax and take a deep breath. This is a six million dollar man question. ( heard that phrase before?). The answer to this question has the capacity to make you better than ever. So allow yourself to Imagine for a moment that someone wants to exchange your respond with a six million dollar or pounds£ cash. What would your answer be? Would you sieve through all the many dreams that stream to your heart and get the very one that burns and makes your heart beat fast when you think about it? Allow me to help you answer this question in the best possible way that you can.

Your dream is that burning desire and passion in your heart that you think about when you wake and when you go to bed. It can be seen in your walk and talk as you go about your business.. it gives you joy when you think about it, it may even give you pain when you think about it. Yes! that deep strong desire to change the world around you and affect your generation for good. That desire you want so much to accomplish is YOUR DREAM. This could be; to become rich, an entrepreneur, a celebrity, a governmental leader in one capacity or the other, a manufacturer of your own brand, a doctor, a minister of the gospel, a politician, footballer, helper of the poor or even to fly a plane etc. The list is endless.

 Identify Your Dream and Write it Down

Now that you have identified what your dream really is, I will advise that you get a book and write it down. Every dream must be written on a tablet so that anyone that reads it may run with it. It may take time but wait for it, for it will surely come to pass. A written or recorded dream becomes clear on a daily basis as you go back to read and look at it every time. Writing your dream down allows you to take ownership of that dream and helps you to be more focus on achieving that dream. Anytime you feel like you have lost direction and you are confused and the future looks blank, pick up your DREAM BOOK. ( Some people call it the vision board ).

Get a Dream Book or Vision Board

I have my own dream book and every time I pick it up, I get new directions and I become more clear about where I am and where I am going. I allow myself to experience and accept the emotions as I read through my DREAM BOOK. The emotions can range from being excited of what the future holds, sometimes scared of how this can be, other times I want to drop my dream book after reading and get down to business of what I should be doing to help me get closer to my dream. Sometimes I even want to share my dreams with others to get some sort of approval and a pat on my back to say go on girl, you are on course but to my disappointment, as you may know, others will not share your excitement with you because it’s not their dream. It’s your dream and only you can understand your dream, hence it was given to you and not to your brother, sister or friend.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Destroy you Dream

The emotions you are feeling right now as you think of your dreams are similar to the emotion of a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman goes through so many emotions such as morning sickness, tiredness, overwhelming strength sometimes, excitement, fear, anticipation anxious etc. despite all the emotions above, the pregnant woman does not fail to look forward to holding her baby on due day, she does not fail to prepare for the arrival of her precious jewel. So also, you should not fail to prepare for your dream to be achieved. As for the emotions, they are part of your BIG dream that you are pregnant with. These emotions are like the hormones in a pregnant woman required in your system to prevent you from being too comfortable to carry your dream pregnancy for a longer period than you should. I remember when I was pregnant with my children, I do get to a stage during the pregnancy after I have nurtured my baby in the womb that I just want this baby to come out and I am full of expectation, looking forward to the due date.

Like the pregnant woman hold on to that precious seed in your belly and nurture it. eat healthy stuffs and do the right things and be expectant and you will see your dream achieved. Don’t be comfortable with keeping your dream inside, instead of letting it out.

Dreams Do Come To Pass

My new blog The Wealth Fountain is one of my dreams come true. It has taken me years of learning the rope of creating my site myself. Over the years, a lot of emotions has been observed and expressed. There were times when I thought to myself, “you are day dreaming, it’s too big and you can do it”. Not until I wrote it down on my dream book and gave it a due date, did I began to take steps in actualising my first dream among many dreams geared towards my purpose.

Do I hear you say, your dream is big and it does not make sense or that your background does not fit. It does not matter what your background is, your dream is your right and Your dream has been given to you because somebody’s future depends on it. Other people’s dreams are tired to you fulfilling your own dream. So don’t worry if your dream does not make sense to you right now or your background does not fit. Keep working on it and it will soon become clear. Martin Luther’s dream and popular speech “I have a Dream” did not make sense until Obama came along. Joseph the dreamer did not make sense until he became the prime minister of Egypt. Thomas A Edison did not make sense with his many inventions such as the electric light bulb and phonograph when it was an idea under investigation and neither did Henry Ford. The dreams of our great founding fathers of ages ago did not make sense when they dreamt. Steve Job did not make sense when he started Apple. Can you tell me any dream seed that made sense when it was still a dream seed buried in the ground. Even you did not make sense when your mother conceived you until you arrived and the midwife shouted it’s a boy! Or it’s a girl. You did not arrive with a name tag. Your were nameless and yet came to this world with greatness inside you.

In summary of this part of the dream series; I want to say, Put your dream to the test. Don’t let your dream die. Dream Big, do not be apologetic about your dream, you owe no man explanation to your dream, hold on to your dream, keep on working on it, never give up and you will see your dream come to pass.

Written by:
Rita O Effeyota

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