standard 9 Tips to Help You Stay Self Motivated

It is extremely important to stay motivated.It helps you to focus,to stay confident and move towards your goals.But, being in this state is a challenge.However, by following some simple steps you can keep yourselves self motivated.

1.Move the goalposts: You should always dream big and set a large and specific goal. A big goal will motivate you more than the other small goals.

2.Get out of your comfort zone: Always face your challenges. Don’t hold yourself back in doing something difficult. The first step you take out of your comfort zone will be the most important step in your life.

3.Don’t fear failure: Failures will happen in your life, they are a part of the journey. You have to believe that you are capable of getting back up and succeed.Try to find a lesson in each of your failures,question yourself ” What can I learn from this?” . Ultimately, the way we deal with failures define our lives.

4. Write down your goals: Write them down on your diary or paste them on your walls so that you are constantly reminded of them throughout the day. It helps you to stay focused and motivated.

5. Compare yourself with only yourself: Comparing yourself with others will kill your motivation and lead you to depression. There will always be someone who is ahead of you. Stay focused on yourself and on your results and find ways to improve them.

6. Do the toughest task first: Doing the most difficult task early will help you to get rid of your day to day worries and will boost your self confidence for the rest of the day.

7.Remember Your successes: Write down your successes in your diary. Always think about your successes rather than going through your failures. It will give you confidence and help you to stay motivated.

8.Figure out why you’re doing something: Find out the reason behind your goals. Unless you have a good reason to achieve something, it is extremely difficult to stay motivated. If you are unable to find any reason, then drop the idea and consider doing something you have a good reason to do instead.

9.Act like your hero: Read about your idols,how they used to stay motivated and what helped them to become so much successful. Let them inspire you, instead of looking at them admiringly.

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Rita Effeyota

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