standard A Letter from a daughter to her heavenly father.

Dear Heavenly Father, I just want to confess my sincere love for you. My heart longs and hunger for you. I am nothing without you. I am fully aware that many times I take my focus from you and I attempt to live life in the hours, days, months and even years without you. But how quickly I have learnt and discovered that my very own life without you is full of misery, unhappiness, lack of joy and sadness.

I don’t know how others can go on without you but as for me, my success in life is tired and linked to my love of you and my obedience to your word. My joy and happiness are in doing your will and fulfilling your purpose in my life.

My Father, my God and my King. My request today is to have more of you. Draw me near, help me to lay my head on your chest. If as a result of the issues of life that I come across today, I decide to take a nap/rest, therefore, unable to walk further, please carry me in your everlasting arm and take me to the next level.

Do not allow me to remain stagnant. Stagnation is a sign that I am not with you. It shows that I have wondered off from your presences and walked off from your arm. Stagnation makes me not to see you standing and waiting with your hand stretched out in love to hold me close.

Please father don’t let me walk off far from your reach. Reach out and draw me close to you. Let the world recognise your footprint in my walk with you today.

Written by: Rita O Effeyota

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