standard A New Day With Opportunity.

Good Morning to all my friends home and abroad. How was your night? I hope it was great like mine. I got home late from work after a tiring day trying to tie off loose end in preparation for my 10 days annual leave, which off-course I intend to spend for ‘me time’. I then went straight to church for night vigil where we had a nice time together in fellowship with one another and connecting with our maker.

Whew! That’s enough of me. You tell me yours in the comment session to show you are grateful to be alive. Yes! Alive, and that is what matters. The saying “where there is life, there is hope” is very true.

I just want to say today is a new day full of great opportunities. Forget yesterday. It’s gone forever. Don’t drag yesterday along into your tomorrow, it’s a weight. The only thing I advise you hold on to and take into the today, is your lessons learnt from yesterday which is required for a better today so that your tomorrow can be greater. Every other rubbish from yesterday should be thrown away and forgotten.

Think of how you can improve on yesterday’s unfinished business? How can you move forward from where you stopped yesterday. What can you do today to take you one step closer to your tomorrow? Life is a journey you know! those who stop along the way do not get to their destination. Be happy! Smile more today. make great decisions now that will shape your tomorrow for good.

You get out of life what you give to it, so I am saying to you reading this article that you must deliberately choose to be happy! Smile more today. make great decisions now that will shape your tomorrow for good.
Procrastination is self-destructive, so do not procrastinate. Know that you are here for a reason and find that reason. see opportunities in everything that comes your way today. your future lies in discovering a great opportunity today. So, be on the lookout for one.

Again I say; live your life carefully and tactfully today, in anticipation of a greater tomorrow. Remember! Every of your experiences has a purpose. So be mindful to live every of your experience purposefully.

Written by:
Rita O Effeyota

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