About Me

My passion in life is centered around inspiring, motivating and empowering every individual I come across, especially women to  reach their highest potential and live a life of purpose through Mindset Mastery, Business Development and Wealth Building.

I intend to create the hunger for success and wealth building in you so that you can take the required steps in transforming your life.  I want to see you turn all your pain and passion into your God given purpose while creating a business empire out of it. 

My name is Rita Ogholo Effeyota. I am a wife and a mother of three wonderful boys. I am a wealth, success and personal development blogger. My Joy is in seeing others reach out to their full potential. I believe everyone of us have the ability to create their own destiny because we all have the creative DNA of the almighty creator in us. I believe you have a wealthy fountain of greatness in the inside of you that needs to spring up. Therefore, this blog has been set up to inspire, empower and enrich you with the knowledge you need to AWAKEN YOUR CREATIVE DNA and transform your life.

My Journey:

Deep down inside me I knew that life was much more than what I saw around me. I felt that I could be more than what I am. I wanted to break free from poverty, lack, financial stive, low self-esteem, pain etc. The hunger in me made me so unsettled with mediocrity and I wanted a change. Therefore, embarked on the search for freedom. I realised I could get freedom in all areas of my life including the freedom to serve my God better if I was financially free. As a result of this, I have spent the last 8 years researching and working on changing my life. As part of my transformational journey, I came to understand that a lot of people are ignorant of the power that is sited dormant inside them to create the life that they were born to live; the life of a winner.During this transformational period, I discovered from my personal experiences and those of friends and families around me as well as those of the people I have researched on, that the journey to achieving your purpose and living the life you dream of is never an easy one. It has a lot of barriers and trying moments along
the way which must be overcome so you could reach out to your God-given greatness that is within you.

Discovering My Purpose

I  have learnt in this journey of discovering my purpose that for me or even you to attain a full transformation into living life in abundance, there are specific laws that must be understood and followed, just like the law of gravity and the law of seed time and harvest time. You can not change the laws, you can not break them. You simply have to obey and follow their rules, if not you will end up a victim. You can not just ignore the law of gravity and go stand on top of a high-rise building to throw yourself down and not expect to crash to a million pieces. So also are the laws of success which I have learned in my journey in the last 8 years. To become a success story, there are decisions you’ve got to make and steps to follow. I also learned that you make your life-path by the decisions and choices you make every day. No one in history has ever become great without a deliberate action on their part working on what they want. Life will never be delivered to you on a platter of gold. you will have to pay the price to win the race called LIFE.

The oldest book in history; The Bible, puts it this way; “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been subjected to violence and only violent people are taking it by force”.

In the context of this blog, heaven to you and I today signifies our goals and dreams to be happy and live a purposeful life. No one is permitted to just walk or stroll in with their hands in the pocket to get the gold medal. We’ve got to fight violently for what we want from life and only then will it be delivered to you if you faint not. The Bible doesn’t the mean murderous violence we witness everyday. No! It simply means HARD WORK AND AIMING HIGHER. You’ve got to give something to life to get something back. Only those who are assertively pursuing their goals get to keep the gold medals deserve to be celebrated. You’ve got to want it badly enough to follow the rules to get there and more essentially work your butts out.

The greatest change in me came in when I understood MONEY. The importance of money, how to handle money, I understood that money is a servant and must be assigned responsibilities all the time, if not it would seek to control us. I came to understand what wealth is and how to create it so you can fulfill your purpose and live life in abundance. I am very much aware that wealth means different things to different people and not just in the context of money. However, lack and shortages of money can and does cause strain and stress in other very important areas of our existences where we should also be experiencing abundance and satisfaction.

Well, as I started to take steps towards applying my new found knowledge, I started to see and welcome transformation into greatness in my life. I was excited about the changes I was seeing in my life and wanted same for my friends and those around me. This desire attracted a lot of great things into my life and I soon found myself inspiring and empowering those around me to reach out to their greatness. As part of my transition into a purposeful life, I was able to identify the barriers that were threatening to prevent me from achieving my vision. I was also able to silence my inner chatters that were so loud and bullying me to quit and that I had no chance.

My Ha-ha Moment

My Ha-ha moment came when I realised that I was not alone. A lot of the people around me especially women had similar barriers and their own inner chatters which is holding them back from fulfilling their purpose.

 A lot of women are in the low-income earners bracket and want more than they are getting.

 A lot of women have a job they love and they are earning well, but just feel like they are in the wrong place in their life, as if something else is calling for their attention.

 There are working mothers who so much want to spend more time with their children but are unable to and are living with guilt that their children are suffering because they are not available most time for them.

 There are those stay at home moms who are living with frustration because they feel that they are not living their life and do not feel appreciated for giving their entire self to their family.

To all these group of women, I must say that I strongly hear your voice and I understand you because I have been there. I understand that you are experiencing a lot of frustration within you because you don’t know how to move from where you are to where you want to be. I understand your frustration with lack and shortage and living from hand to mouth, month after month. I understand the never ending bills that keep pouring in and the mountain of debts. I understand your desire to give your children the best education but unable to. I understand the frustration you feel knowing that you ought to be affecting lives. Above all, I understand that your frustration is a sign that the greatness in you is crying to come out and you don’t know what to do or how to let it out.
For this reasons, I have responded to my God Inspired Purpose to reach out to you by sharing this great knowledge I have acquired in the last 8 years from my own personal development and hunger to make a change to my life. TWF flagship program is “Awakening Your Creative DNA”. I believe that there is greatness inside each and everyone born into this world and as such our goal is to wake up and activate that seed of greatness in you.

About The Wealth Fountain (TWF):

TWF has been established to inspire, empower and enrich you with knowledge you need to transform your life.
Our Vision is:

 To help you develop positive confident mindset and new thought pattern that will enable you overcome self-limiting beliefs and negative inner chatter, so that you can attract great things into your life and create the life that you want through MINDSET MASTERY.

 To wake up God’s creative DNA’s inside every woman so they can begin to live a more fulfilling and productive life that they dream of by turning their pain or passion into an online business empire through BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT

 To Show you how to set up a wealth fountain strategy in place, through creating assets that will enable you generate passive income that will be enough for you to live the life you dream about through WEALTH BUILDING.

 To Coach you through 1:1 and group sessions on how you can increase and grow your income and live a life of purpose.

 To connect you to the resources that you need to make that great transition into your greatness.

Our Mission Statement is:

To Awaken Your Creative DNA by inspiring, empowering and enriching you with the knowledge you need to transform your life and live a life of purpose through Mindset Mastery, Business Development and Wealth Building.

Our Goal is:

To see your life transformed by connecting you to rich and wealthy resources that will help you make life-transforming decisions that would bring out your greatness and make you a fountain where wealth flows in abundance. This will be delivered through our:
 Blog
 1:1 Coaching
 Online training
 Live workshops
 Conferences etc…

So come on! What are you waiting for? Let’s work together and awaken your creative DNA of greatness that is within you. SEE YOU AT THE TOP! It is only YOU who can stop yourself from reaching the top!