standard Activating Your Creative DNA

On the 11th of June 2014, I sat on the table thinking of the format of my website and the page titles. I suddenly had this impression to draw the plan on paper. I started to use this art application on Microsoft Word and as I continued, I felt pleased with what I was seeing taking shape. Although, not that the drawing was out of the extraordinary but given that I consider myself to be completely useless when it comes to drawing/imaging, I thought to myself how could I have come out with something like this? I heard the voice of wisdom inside of me. And this is what I heard….

The one who made us is the almighty creator of the universe and mankind. He is the all knowing and full of wisdom. He made us (Man) in his own image after his likeness. He placed us on earth so we can be little creators on earth to represent his very nature.

Inside every one of us lies creative ability and power. We have the Almighty Creator’s creative DNA deposited inside us. if not how else can you explain the works of past and present innovators of all time. I recently saw his picture on facebook posted by a friend and all I could say was wow! man!!!!  How can a human being come up with a design like this? Then I remembered that it’s possible for man to do anything he can conceive in his heart because Man has the creative DNA of the almighty creator built into his system, which gets activated when man aligns himself with his creator.

What I am basically saying to you is that, when we are aligned and in tune with the creator to reach out to the tiny seed of greatness in each and every one of us, his creative power or creative DNA shows up and is activated in the inside of our lives. He wakes up that creative power lying dormant which we need at that given moment in time. As a result, he empowers us to do things we ordinarily thought we could not do. We start to create things and bring them into existence from the spirit reign.

When you start with the little baby steps in taking actions towards whatever he may have dropped in your mind, then he takes you to the next level and then the next and so on….by the end of the journey when you turn round to look behind you, you will see giant footprint which will surprise you and you will know that those are not your footprint because it couldn’t have been you. It belongs to the creator who has chosen to carry you and walk you through the process of creating your greatness. Wow! This is amazing.


  • Today, I activate the Almighty Creator’s creative DNA that is in me.
  • Today, I will be creative in my ideas and works.
  • The works of my hand will receive extraordinary attention and will be extraordinarily different than before.
  • I will daily receive creative inspiration to do something extraordinary that will set me apart from my equals.
  • Today, I activate the almighty creator’s creative DNA in my mouth. Whatever good thing I speak and declare today shall be created.
  • Today, when men shall look for my footprint they will see the DNA of God’s footprint because I will not walk by myself but shall be carried by the almighty creator of the universe.
  • Today, great ideas will be formed in my mind and I release the Almighty Creator’s creative anointing to bring the ideas to reality in Jesus name.

Written by: Rita O Effeyota

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