standard Asking the right ‘why’ questions.

Morning friends. The time now is 4.05am. One of my boys woke me up and I can’t go back to sleep. I decided to go into my thinking mood to see if I could get some inspirations.

Since I discovered that God teaches me lessons of life through my everyday activities and occurrence, I don’t joke about the things that happen to me or come my way. I seek to understand and know what God intends to say to me in every circumstance in my life.

As you read this, I don’t know what your story is right now or what challenges you are going through nor the storm in your life. However, I do know that the almighty creator knows about everything and he’s got you covered. I can only advice that you ask God the right ‘Why’ question. Not the ‘why’ as in ‘why me’ but the ‘why’ as in ‘why am I going through this? What is God trying to say to me? What is the purpose of this experience? Are there lessons that I need to learn. Trust me, you will get answers when you ask the right ‘why’ questions.

There is a purpose for every story in your life right now. When you find that purpose, it will not compare to the problem you are going through right now.  Finding the purpose for the trials  you are going through now, makes the burdens become a bit lighter.

Find your purpose for that ‘issue’ in your life right now and use it to glorify God. For example, the reason I can’t go back to sleep right now is to encourage someone out there who has lost sleep because of what they are going through. And if this sounds like I am talking to you then please do read my article, THE STORY OF THE CATAPULT.
If there is a lesson to be learned from your challenges right now, you had better learn it or else you may have to take the test again. Have you ever ask yourself why you are going through that same difficult problem again and again. It is because the challenges in your life right are opportunities for you to become a woman or man of purpose. I hope you find your purpose in that challenge confronting you right now. God bless you.

Written By:

Rita O Effeyota

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