standard Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Critical thinkers

Entrepreneurs need to be able to think critically regarding the business decisions. Most of the individuals do not frequently exercise their ability to think critically about essential issues. They usually prefer to avoid critical thinking because it requires significant mental focus and energy. Entrepreneurs take the decision making process more careful and serious, and critically think through important issues.


Persuasiveness is essential in encouraging other individuals to buy in to an innovative idea which involves risk. In most cases, individuals are naturally averse to risk or new ideas. Entrepreneurs need to ethically convince close associates to accept that a doubtful idea is beneficial in the long run. Strong persuasive skills are essential in funding, developing partnership, acquiring of customers. In general, the negotiation skills are an important component of persuasion since calculated concessions are often the most effective way of inducing others to accept a position on a certain issue.


Basically, passion and a great business idea cannot be good enough to succeed in business. Entrepreneurs have a strategy which points out where they want the business to be in a certain period of time and determine how long it will take to be there.

Information seeker

Entrepreneurial activities usually require reliable information for proper decision making. Therefore, an entrepreneur should prioritize gathering of information. They are required to encourage their close associates to share insights which they learn from experience or conversations with others. Gathering of information is important as it aids in making of better decisions compared to the existing competitors.


In the real world, you cannot expect to succeed without nurturing the ability to make rational decisions. Most Entrepreneurs normally underestimate the importance of small business decisions. This usually results in making of impulse decisions on the basis of conjecture or intuition. Generally, poorly made decisions may have a number of consequences which can put a prosperous business off track. Entrepreneurs should consult with experts and evaluate the market before settling on certain decisions that may have significant future consequences. Some decisions typically require to be delegated to experts to help in effective decision making.

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