standard Chicken Soup Of The Soul For Preteens

OMG! I love this very inspiring book. Written by Jack Canfield in partnership with Mark Victor Hansen. This 2000 edition of The chicken soup for preteen is a collection of inspiring true life stories of preteens who overcame difficult obstacles in their lives to live a more happier life. The stories are about archiving your dream, love, death, family, loss, giving, and they are about choices, changes and growing up.

As a lover of motivational and inspiring literature, I thought it will be nice to train the boys to love reading motivational and inspiring books. I started to research to see if I will find an interesting to read book, fit for my 3 boys ages 8-12 , that will also help to shape their thinking and desires in life hence I bought this. Each story starts with beautiful inspiring quotes

If you are a parent reading this review, this is a book that your children should have at home as it will help them think positively and have visions for their life. It will open their eyes and understanding.

You can find a way to use it as a family so that you all can talk through each stories that you read. I tried to get the boys to pick it up to read, but I could not. So I started to use it as part of our evening devotional. After reading a story in the bible, we finish up with reading a story from the chicken soup. You can not imagine my Joy when they started to demand I read more story. We discussed the stories in the book and discussed how it can be applied to their lives. The book plays a good role model for the preteens.

The first section has a collection of stories about achieving your dreams. All stories under this section are so inspiring. I saw that my boys started to have creative imaginations and dreams of what they too could do to impact their generation. The collection of stores also touches on issues of emotions and everyday difficulties such as peer pressures making friends, dealing with the opposite sex, coping with divorce and even tragedy in the family. The book speaks to the emotions of preteens and help them put things into perspective.

The parts about divorce and death may bring tears to your eyes but if your family is going or has gone through such difficulty; reading this book Chicken Soup for Preteens will bring about consolation and understanding and even help your kids understand what other children facing such difficulties are going through. It also will help your preteen to know and understand that they are not alone in whatever they are going through. This is a must read for your preteens.

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Rita O Effeyota

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