standard Donald Trump talks about the keys to building wealth

According to Forbes website, Donald Trump is an entrepreneur and a personality figure who is worth $4.1 billion as at 13 June 2015. His fortune is on the rise thanks to trophy New York properties like 40 Wall Street, Trump Tower and his Doral golf resort in Miami. His brand keeps growing, too, with Apprentice appearances, books, speaking engagements, Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants and menswear at Macy’s. He’s also a perennial presidential contender, most recently in early conservative events ahead of the 2016 election. He tweets more than any real estate billionaire on the Forbes list.

In this interview video, Trump talked about the keys to building wealth and they are:

Passion: In this, he talked about how passionate he loves working hard and how a heard worker his father was and he learnt this from his dad.

Being tenacious and determined: you should never give up on anything.Trump talked about spending 20 years in a property project know as the Tump Tower and as at the time of recording of that interview he said in his words now it’s really taking shape. you mean after 2o years, its just beginning to takes shape? wow! He went through obstacles during this period with everyone saying it’s not possible. He refused to take no for an answer and to give up and at the end he won.

Fight back if you have to: Trumps said over the years as he built wealth, he has had to fight those who were doing evil to stop him. He said do not take nonsense from people. At first I was not very comfortable with this but on a careful thought I realised that if you have an enemy wanting to kill you, you will not stand and let them kill you. I remember one of my teacher in primary school who always wore a t-shirt with the writing “Mr Pepper” once addressed the whole school because students were making his job difficult and in his words, he said “if you give me sh**, I will give you double sh**. I guess what my teacher meant is that whether we liked it or not, he was going to do his job of making the school a safe and disciplined school and if that meant he will come harder on us, so be it. do not take nonsense from people or else they will keep giving it to you. With prayers, careful planning and advice, fight for what you believe.

Trump said you must never think of yourself as an average, you must remove that from your vocabulary because you are smart and beautiful,

In your early journey of building wealth, things may look like you are on the wrong track, but as you stay on and work on your dream, the way will become clearer allowing you use the skills you acquired in your little beginning to do what you were born to do. Trump wanted to make movies and he was even in sport, until he met somebody who pointed him to direction he should be focusing on. In his words, Trump used the skill he acquired from show business and put it into real estate business.

It’s never too late to start to turn your life around. do not waste your talent. When you are faced with failure, don’t give up. Stay focus, keep going, keep jogging and survive until you succeed.

Above all. love what you do because if you don’t when the difficult times comes. you will crash big time.

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Rita O Effeyota

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