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Motivation is important because it allows one to meet or even exceed his or her own goals. Without motivation, one will be in a very precarious position that does not hold room for progress. If we can know why and how people are motivated, it would be easier to encourage them to always being their best in their endeavors. A motivated person has improved self confidence that enhances self-discipline in fields such as time management, budget observance and goal orientation. A motivated individual rewards himself with attainment of his goals and challenges himself to go beyond his perceived limits. There are numerous ways of motivating someone. One way of motivating someone is through these motivational quotes that give one an edge in creating success. Therefore, let’s read and get motivated.

Top Famous Motivational quotes

1. Failure shall never overtake me if I am strongly determined to succeed. (Og Mandino)

2. What you do now may improve all your laters. (Ralph Marston)

3. First aim for the moon. In case you miss, you may hit the stars. (Clement stone)

4. The first step to succeeding is believing that you can. (Ralph Marston)

5. You can never be too old to dream a new dream or set another goal. (C.S Lewis)

6. Don’t look at the clock, rather do what it does and keep on going. (Sam Levenson)

7. As long as you can dream, you can do it. (Walt Disney)

8. What is important is not how fast or slow you can go but whether you can keep on going.(Confucius)

9. A successful man or woman is he or she who can establish a foundation from the bricks that others have thrown at her or him.(James Vincent)

10. Mistakes made are proof enough that you are trying. (Anonymous)

11. Don’t wait for things to happen but rather go out and make them happen. (Anonymous)

12. Always strive for progress rather than perfection. (Anonymous)

13. The struggle for today is the strength needed for tomorrow. (Anonymous)

14. If it does not challenge you, then it doesn’t change you. (Anonymous)

15. Be a Warrior not a Worrier.(Joel Osteen)

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