standard Keeping Going. Don’t stop!

I am at the train station in St Albans waiting to catch the 3:55pm train to leagrave station. I am smiling as I write because I’m just thinking to myself, how God teaches and speaks when we least expect him to.
Well, my story is this, I arrived at St Albans station to find the 3:39pm train stopping at platform 2. I started to run hard to catch it but felt I won’t be able catch up. Just before platform 4 stairs leading to platform 2, I heard the train official blow her whistle to indicate to the train driver to shut the door and move off. From experience, once you hear the whistle, don’t even bother because the door is shutting immediately., but not on this occasion.

From experience, once you hear the whistle don’t even bother because the door is shutting immediately, but not on this occasion.
I gave up and decided to remain in platform 4 to catch the next train but to my surprise the train in platform 2 did not pull off immediately which meant that if I had continued to run to catch the train I would have succeeded and entereD. I then heard the still small voice saying….

This is is why you should never stop or give up the race until you get to the finish line.

You must keep going because it just might happen that the train going to your destination may just experience some delay, allowing you the opportunity to get in or the man who got to the finishing line before you, may just be disqualified for some unknown reason allowing you to be the winner of the race. So, do you see why you must not stop that project or ‘race to catch the train to your destination’. You just might be closer than you think.
Thanks. I just got off my 3:55pm train at leagreave station (my destination). I’m making my way home. Happy reading and have a blessed evening.

Written by:

Rita O Effeyota

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