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Okay Readers! I don’t know how to convince you that you should buy this book right away but I am saying this book is an absolute. I first was introduced to Lisa Nichol when I watch the movie, “The Secret”. This movie again I want to say watch it. You can get it free on youtube to watch. Just type on youtube “the screat movie”. I started to follow her and that is how I came to find out about her book, No Matter What!: 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love.

A look at some few of my favorites Lisa Nichols quotes, from the book No Matter What!: 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love.

“All the people in your life are truly doing the best they can with what they have. People can only love you to the capacity that they are able to love themselves. They can only forgive and embrace you to the capacity that they are able to forgive and embrace themselves. They can only give you what they have the capacity to give. You may think that you deserve more, and you may be correct. But that means nothing if a person simply doesn’t have the ability to give it to you”.

“Today, I know that my past is not who I am; it’s only helped me to become who I am”

“The key to developing your understanding Muscles is to recognise that some gifts come wrapped in sandpaper! A situation that may initially hurt and uncomfortable can often turn out to be a bless. Commit to finding your gifts – even when you still feel the discomfort of the sandpaper they ‘re wrapped in”

“Sweetheart you are entitled to get tired, you ‘re entitled to get exhausted. You may have to rest, to go hibernate and restore, but you always have to come back out and keep going”.

I remember reading this book and crying because it made me vulnerable in the sense that it showed me who I am and shined touch on some of my struggles. In this book, Lisa made me think that if she could achieve her dreams successfully despite all she went through, then I can do it as well. She gave me the strength to begin to pursue my own dreams and not wait for anybody. Through reading this book I was able to accept and understand that there are certain things in my life that I can not change and have no control over like the behaviour of another person, however I can concentrate on those things which I have control over and therefore make changes in those areas.

Lisa also talked about the power of forgiving those in your life who have hurt you. Some of us have been so hurt badly that even though the offenders are no longer in our lives, we still carry the hurt everywhere and the resulting effect is that our lives and purpose is affected negatively. Lisa says in other to become the best part of us, we must let go off that hurt by forgiving the person who have hurt you. Forgiving those who have hurt me is giving myself power and that this is possible when I change my thinking and focus from myself to the offender. It will help me to understand that the offenders in my life have problems and need help therefore empowering me to pray for them out of love which in turn will free me from every form of bitterness that is eating me up.

Lisa was very open and spoke about her difficulties in her life and how she overcame the obstacles she came across and as such was able to develop her bounce back muscles. We all go through one difficulty or the other and this difficulties in life are met to propel us into our destiny and purpose by first taking us through a process of development of various aspects of our lives or as Lisa puts it, difficulties helps to develop various bounce back muscles.

A fully developed bounce back muscles will allow you to experience happiness in your life every day no matter what. Lisa identified the 9 bounce back muscles that you need to develop to live the life you love and you need to get this book to dig deeper into understanding this 9 muscles.

1. Your Understanding Muscle: Your ability to see the purpose behind the pain

2. Your Faith-in-Myself Muscle: Your ability to believe in yourself and endure hardship

3. Your Take-Action Muscle: Keep Moving forward despite obstacles

4. Your I-Know-Like-I-Know Muscle: Connection with your source greater than yourself

5. Your Honesty Muscle: Your ability to take responsibility for your actions and recognise your role in the matter

6. Your Say-Yes Muscle: Willingness to share your talents with the world

7. Your Determination Muscle: Ability to remain focused on your goal no matter what.

8. Your Forgiveness Muscle: Your ability to forgive yourself and others for past mistakes

9. Your Highest Choice Muscle: Your ability to mae decisions that will change your life for good.


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Rita O Effeyota

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