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Hmmmm…I hear some hearts pacing and racing with anxiety. Some of you are saying where is 2014 running to. One more month and half of the year is gone! Omg! what have I achieved?My dream! My goal you say, as anxiety adrenaline rushes through your vein and to your head “Baby panic” sets in, followed by “Mrs doubt” and then enters “Mr fear” with his best friend “Master of excuses”.

Baby PANIC: Nothing is happening with this dream. Mrs DOUBT: I don’t think this is my calling. Mr FEAR: I don’t have what it takes, my friends and loved ones don’t believe in me. I don’t have the skill, I don’t want to fail. Master EXCUSES: I am so busy, my family needs me, my job is very demanding.

On and on the destiny destroyer goes, he has now captivated your mind and your thoughts and about to destroy your actions but before you go any further to handover your destiny to the destroyer, allow me to tell you a short story of what happened to me.

On my way to work on the 2nd of May 2014, I took the 12:43 train from Legrave train station heading to St Albans, which of course came at 12:45pm. As soon as I got in, I walked from one carriage to the other to get the right seat, as I would feel dizzy if I sit backing the direction I am headed.

Anyway I  opened this particular door and walked through this door but could not shut it behind me, I applied the amount of force and energy I thought was appropriate and the more I tried, the more it seemed impossible,(phew!) I took a look at the door and noticed the OBSTACLE, (aha! This had to be it)

The door was not properly aligned and I thought to myself “this door cannot be shut, no one can even do it because I am sure I gave it my best shot” suddenly in a flash, I remembered the door was shut before I opened it to walk through; so I should be able to shut it. Well, just when it seemed to me, I have exhausted all options and applied the necessary force required to shut the door, just before I could move on gallantly, telling myself that ” no one can say I did not try” a white middle age man with his partner by his side shouted out….. PUSH HARDER!

At hearing the man’s instruction, I applied more force and pushed harder. Behold the door shut with so much ease. I turned to this man to say thanks for being helpful at the same time he looked at me smiling and said…. “YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK….”

Immediately that sentence meant a lot to me. I thought to myself hmm! this is very typical of our everyday life.  Sometimes in the journey of life, we go through one carriage to the other, opening different doors looking for the best options in life to give us that satisfaction of greatness and achievement. In the process we are met with stumbling blocks, we apply the amount of force we think we should and when nothing happens we are quick to give up. We convince ourselves that we have exhausted all available and known options.

With our hands in the air we say… ” I have tried.. I have given it my best” What we fail to know is that WE ARE ACTUALLY STRONGER THAN WE THINK WE ARE. We can do more than we have done so far. All we need to be sited on the seat of our greatness are to; Meet the right person or mentor, Apply extra force and Push harder.

What I am saying here is that with the right force and push, combined with a willing mentor in your life who would encourage and share their secret tips, you will be smiling to your seat of comfort and greatness. You don’t need to yield to that voice telling you;  your DREAM is not possible.

You can do it!!! “YES YOU CAN”. You are stronger than you think. There is greatness inside you and surprisingly against your imagination, there is an equivalent energy in you to reach your great destination and take your seat in the hallmark of great and successful individuals. An equivalent strength to keep pushing hard until you succeed in closing the door of lack, fear, poverty, ignorance, faithlessness behind you, has been given to you by your creator the chief designer of all greatness.

So what are you waiting for? Why are you giving up?
Come on………

Written by: Rita O Effeyota

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