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Okay ladies! I will be honest here, I have not read this book. I have gone through the amazon reviews and I think I like what others are saying about it. I have decided to change my style of review this time to bring to you some of amazon’s best reviews on this book. I think after reading this reviews that it is a book I want to read. According to one of the Amazon reviewer,
The text is a bit dense but is broken up with crisp sound bites of “real talk,” affirmations, and savings tips. There’s something for nearly every woman to learn in this cradle-to-grave personal finance bible.

So here we go! Lets hear it from a woman’s perspective and I hope you find the Amazon reviews helpful as I have.

Amazon Review By Natalie Gouche on January 7, 2014.
Let me first start by saying this book is a HUGE reality check (in a good way). As a grown woman you’d like to think you know all there is to managing your money but this book puts it all into perspective in the most caring and “keep it real” kind of way that only Patrice can deliver.

This book isn’t your boring, outdated, textbook, wealth and money management books. This is REAL life questions that we as woman may to be embarrassed to ask because we think we should know (or can’t believe we are going through what we are going through). Reading “Real Money Answers for Every Woman: How to Win the Money Game With or Without a Man” made me feel like I was sitting one on one with a trusted advisor who just happened to be one of my best friends (with my best interest at heart). I can’t tell you how many “Ah-HA” moments I had.

One of the major parts of the book that was extremely helpful for me was the part about enabling your friends and family when it comes to money. As women we feel we have a duty to take care of others and that is something I struggle with. This section of the book gave me clear and concise answers to how to tackle this aspect of my life as it relates to my family an money. I can’t tell you how valuable this is to me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this book. It has everything a women needs to be financially fit for years to come.
I recommend this to any women wanting to get to the root of their money issues, concerns and questions. Would give it 10 stars if I could.

Amazon Review By Lisa A Matthews on January 5, 2014
If you are ready for a financial breakthrough, this is a must read!!!! By combining financial literacy strategies targeted for women with an entrepreneurial spirit of successful business outcomes, Real Money Real Answers for Every Woman: How to Win the Money Game With or Without a Man by Patrice C. Washington creates a special synergy between the professional woman’s financial, business and career goals. Washington’s book effectively helps the career woman, or entrepreneur, cut through financial pitfalls to save what she should, earn what she should and live how she should as a married, divorced or single woman.
Washington combines everything needed to uncover new investment ideas, cross-cutting financial plans and small business tactics exclusively for readers who are serious about getting out of debt, obtaining the career of their dreams and/or leaving a legacy for their family. Washington helps us to understand our portfolios and how to add meaningful context to our financial strategies. With Washington’s insights, readers will find a new perspective on financial literacy, gain and investments. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and strongly suggest anyone (man or woman) to read it as well if they’re ready to get ahead financially and live a better life. -Dr. L.A. Matthews

Amazon Review By Author LB on January 5, 2014
Make Your Next Move Your Best Move: If you ever compared earning, saving, or spending money to playing a game without rules, Patrice C. Washington, Founder and CEO of Seek Wisdom and Find Wealth –– a personal finance consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, not only reveals the secrets to playing the money game, but shows you how to win in her newest release, REAL Money Answers for Every Woman. “Whether you’re a busy wife, single mother, college student, young professional, or mature woman of a certain age, this book was written to help you achieve your personal finance goals at any level.”

Patrice’s “big-sister” candid conversation helps you strategically move through your own personal finance journey to land yourself on the pathway to financial freedom. Within the first few pages, she immediately dispels the beliefs and false perceptions about the truth behind acquiring REAL wealth, noting that it all begins with your mindset. “Uncover the lies I mean mindsets, attitudes, and myths –– that have been holding you back from financial freedom.”

In this book, Real Money answer for every woman, Maven coaches women through a meaningful self-guided reading experience on how to redefine their views of money, get a clear understanding and vision of their financial goals, and positions the reader to score in a big way. Although the book can be read from cover-to-cover, it is written in a Q&A format for quick reference.

If you’re a woman ready to start your own business and “Get Your Hustle On,” Patrice will show you how to create and execute a master plan to succeed at entrepreneurship. No desire to be your own boss? No worries! In “Workplace Wisdom,” you’ll identify your dream job or assess your value in your current career to develop a strategy to move up the corporate ladder. Regardless of your intention when it comes to money: getting rid of debt, improving your credit score, budgeting, or starting an “emergency fund,” Patrice is the voice of reason as you role the dice on making the best money moves to reach an abundant level of wealth in your life. “My goal is to introduce you to basic financial knowledge that other women in your life may not have shared”.

Losing at the money game is a CHOICE, especially when the Wisdom & Wealth Money Maven herself has provided you with the interactive money handbook on how to be a REAL skillful player. Game On.

Amazon Review By Andrea on February 25, 2014
I had heard about this book on the SHMS twice & decided to digitally download the book. I already have two favorite financial authors who I follow & was curious of what Ms Washington had to offer to the knowledge I have already learned. I thoroughly embraced & enjoyed the *real talk* affirmations that were dispersed thoughout every chapter. I also enjoyed reading the positive affirmations as it relates to *GETTING YOUR HUSTLE ON*, bringing one’s dream into fruition while working on one’s job/career. Due to my learning how to eliminate debt with the money I already earn, from my other financial gurus I KNOW the method she recommends does work, especially if the individual earnestly follows the plan!! I really give the book 4.5 stars!! I cannot give 5 stars because I strongly feel that Ms Washington should not slam another author BY NAME even if she does disagree with her. One of those authors is MY FAV authors who taught me through her books. As it relates to the 7 documents/financial statements that she recommends, I have 6 out of the 7 documents. I am 100% because I don’t have children & birth certificates/adoption papers is one of the recommened documents. Anyone who is looking to be financially enpowered will benefit from this book, The hIgh school level especially since many schools do not teach financial education.

I am positive you must have found the reviews helpful, so please do leave your comments and if you have read it. I will like to hear from you.Thanks for reading.

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