standard The Story of the Catapult

Hey friends! It’s me again with my stories to bless your heart and encourage you to keep the fire burning. I will advice you take time to read and digest this one.

On the 2nd of March 2014, I was in church and my pastor was preaching. Suddenly an image of the popular catapult played in my mind. Yes! The one in the picture below which most Nigerian boys played with. (I guess some other people from other parts of the world know what I am talking about.)

I felt like God wanted to share something with me. I quickly took my phone out to write (thank God for technology). God took my memory back to when I held catapult and used it to play as a child.

I can remember making my own catapult with the right materials. Whenever I wanted to shoot a stone to a far destination or at a target using the catapult, I first of all choose my target and a smooth stone. I then wrap the stone into the sling then hold it tight together and stretch it backward long enough without risking the sling breaking and when I feel that I have reached the right momentum, I then release it and let go the stone towards the target. I do make sure that the stone is not too big or too small for the purpose I want to achieve. It has to be just right.

* We represent the stone wrapped in the sling such as those things we are struggling with in life. Sometimes we are wrapped into trials that seem too much for us and makes us scream.

*The sling represent the catalyst which God uses to to stretch us such as our trials.

* The pulling back of the string represent how far God stretches us backward so we can go forward.

The story of the catapult/sling is a typical example of how God can use certain situations and things in and around our lives to launch us into our greatness. One important process of the catapult story is the stretching moment. No matter how painful it may be or how stretched you are, think of the destination, be focus. For God to shoot us into our destiny and purpose, he sometimes has to wrap us into some series of issues of life especially if we are the type that don’t move except when something stronger moves us. He uses these issues of life to train us in developing the skills of endurance and faith in the one who is stretching us so that when fully stretched, we can go far and hit the target without missing. 

We all have moments in our lives when we feel the squeeze is too much and we are tempted to run off. As elect of the most high, we need to make best use of such moments and maximise the situations and get the full potential out of whatever God is doing in you.

God takes his time and care to stretch us backward. If you are in a situation in your life which looks like you are being stretched backward and beyond your capability, please think of the catapult again. The handler of the catapult takes care when stretching backward the sling so as not to stretch beyond limit which may then break it leading to the stone falling out. In the process of stretching, the handler holds the stone firmly so that it does not fall down. He only lets go the stone at the right time with the right energy, force and speed so that the right momentum can launch it to the right target and destination.

The farther backward you stretch the stone, the further forward it has the potential to go. From my memory of using the catapult as a child; I can say that for a successful launch of the stone, the right materials are required. The sling must be right, elastic and firm. You can not just use any stone it must be the right stone in shape and size. Your target must be appropriate and and the stretch must be proportionate to the target.

Your stretching period may look like all of hell is broke lose on you and your situation may look so bad that those around you are even afraid of what may become of you and may not have faith in your ability to survive the stretching, do not give up on the stretching floor because your maker knows what he is doing when he picked you to be like that stone that needs to be wrapped into issues of life that he may launch you into your purpose. He knows the specific issues, training, test or exam that is suitable and proportionate for your destination. Above all, he knows your calling, purpose, target or destination. His thoughts towards you are good to bring you to a successful end. He is the all knowing and powerful one. He does not under or over perform. He can never miss target or miss judge his plans for you.

God has a good grip of you in the stretching process. He won’t let you fall or break during the stretching. BUT BE WARNED! If you struggle with your maker, you will fall out like a slippery stone falling from the hand of the handler of a catapult. You need to be elastic and be willing to bend and be stretched. There in lies your greatness. God is accurate, for he has written the script and knows the end of the story. You will soon discover your purpose if you just stop fighting and stay calm and listen. This will help you to take pleasure in the ride of the stretching process. God knows you too well he engraved you into the palm of his hand. He will not stretch you beyond limit. He knows that what you are going through right now is the right material for your greatness. One thing I want you to know is that when the stretching is completed; you will come out as a pure shining gold, a victor, a winner and a great and better person. You will reach your destination and the rest will be your story of success that others need to hear and be encouraged.

Written by:

Rita O Effeyota

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