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I have been thinking of how to approach this topic for weeks now, especially because I have a community of Christians around me to whom this topic makes them to feel unease. They shrink when you talk about money, left alone creating wealth. They associate the issue of wealth creation to making more money. I am sure that it does not come as a surprise to you that a lot of these same people stand in churches on Sundays and pray for prosperity but yet when you talk about wealth building they shrink and close their mind. They even talk and pray about wealth transfer but not willing to learn or do something on their part to get this wealth transfer.

This attitude to money is not particular to just my Christian communities but also to 98% of the masses. We can not talk about wealth building without first of all talking about MONEY.

Understanding Money

The discussion of money is a universal topic that people don’t want to go into because it makes them uncomfortable but yet majority of the problems we have in our lives, homes and society are mainly as a result of money.

Although things are beginning to change a bit, a lot of people are still stuck with their wrong beliefs and doctrines around money. The reason a lot of people don’t approach the issue of money is because they lack the understanding of what the duty of money is.
Money is a messenger and an employee with a Job description. Since I learnt about this secret, I always ensure to assign responsibilities to the money that enters into my bank account. You must be able to assign responsibility to the money that comes into your hand. If you practice this you will be surprise at how good messenger money is.

More money in your hand without a job description and delegation will bring frustration to your door step that you did not bargain for. I have heard it said time and time again that ‘money is meant to be spent’ and that is a truth and even more truthful, whether you assign your money a responsibility or not it will still be spent. Either circumstances will decide where your money goes or you have to take control and tell your money where it should go. Until you learn to tell your money where to go, you are not ready to embark on wealth-building journey.

It is not enough to have lots of money but it is about putting your lots of money in use to fulfil your purpose in life. So, I will be right to say before you desire wealth you need to first of all know what your purpose in life is. Finding your purpose in life is unique to a successful wealth-building approach and will be a topic for another time and place.
For the sake of those whom I may be able to help through this medium, I will try to approach this topic to the best of my knowledge and understanding. I sincerely wish above all things that my audience would prosper even as their soul prospers

Why You Need To Build Wealth

I have this strong passion in life to make sure that if you are working and earning a salary that you take control of your money and make it work for you. A lot of people barely survive until the next payday. For some by the 5th of a new month their bank account is on red and they live on overdraft and credit card. As a result, they incur debts which lead to other issues. This is not the will of the Almighty for you. Some people say that money does not bring you happiness, but poverty and lack of money does not bring happiness either. One thing that is certain is that if you have more than just enough money you will be able to meet the needs of others around you and also do the things that bring you happiness and joy. Don’t get me wrong, there are many people out there who are satisfied with living from hands to mouth and you may be one of them but if you are not and just in case you are one of those who feels unhappy with your financial status and you are struggling to meet your needs and that of your family every month, then this article is for you and it is time to take steps to change your story.  It is important that you understand what wealth building is and what it involves.

What is Wealth-Building?

When we talk about building wealth, people are quick to think about having real cash in their hands. This is good but I am talking about something more than the monthly income that comes to your bank account and goes out through direct debits to pay for bills so you can survive monthly with your head just above the waters to avoid drowning. Wealth building involves using a set of techniques such as your income to create for yourself assets, investments and businesses which in turn produce additional income that allows you to have enough to take advantage of the great things in life and do the things you desire. Wealth building is more than just getting more money into your bank and having a fat bank account to buy the things you lust for.( At least those cosmetic things you think make you feel like you are wealthy in the eyes of others.)

Becoming wealthy is that place in your life where your MONEY is put in positions where it works hard for you to make you comfortable to do the things you want instead of you working hard to accumulate that money. Note that wealth will not come to you in a day. For you to be wealthy there are series of steps you must take over a period of time including some tasks you must do to acquire wealth. These tasks and steps will eventually position your money to work hard for you by building the wealth you desire.

Thanks for reading and watch out for part 2 of this article. I will like to hear from you so please do leave your comment below.

Written by: Rita O Effeyota

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